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Why People Buy

The real reason features and benefits selling doesn't work.

Uncover what really drives sales

  • Why ineffective, "traditional" selling processes don't turn conversations into closing contracts.

  • How to use "pain" to save valuable time by disqualifying prospects who aren't going to buy.

  • Why presenting features, benefits, and free consulting early in the discussion can leave the customer in control of the relationship.

How do you identify the deep-seated emotional need capable of compelling somebody to buy something?

Many salespeople struggle with this question. To learn how to do this more quickly and effectively, and without missing a beat, download this free sample chapter from Greg Nanigian's breakthrough book Why People Buy.

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Greg Nanigian

About the Author

GREG NANIGIAN plays an important role in Sandler’s worldwide organization, and is recognized internationally as a business development expert specializing in executive sales consulting and sales productivity training. A dynamic, enthusiastic speaker certified in the proprietary selling system developed by David H. Sandler, he informs, entertains, and motivates leadership and rank-and-file sales teams to achieve their full potential.