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Patient Care The Sandler Way

An RX for medical practices in the changing face of business

The definitive resource for effective practice care management

  • Sandler human relations techniques tailored for medical practice growth.
  • Conversation starters for doctors and other healthcare professionals.
  • Deepen relationships with existing patients to build loyalty and trust.
  • Leverage tools designed to make patients feel good about their visit.

Is your medical practice leveraging these simple, effective tools for making patients feel ok about their visit?

To find out, download this FREE sample chapter from Donna Bak's breakthrough book, Patient Care The Sandler Way

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Donna Bak

About the Author

DONNA BAK is a Senior Partner at Peak Sales Performance, LLC, an authorized Sandler Training franchise with offices located in Connecticut. After 20 years in the corporate world, Donna joined Sandler Training in 2007. She trains individuals and companies to improve their sales, management and customer service competency with a visible return on their investment.